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Fall Internship - Correspondent

The Organization for World Peace (OWP) research and reporting division (OWPR) is seeking writers to track and report current events pertaining to conflict and peace. The position requires a candidate with strong research and writing skills. It also requires a good understanding of effective reporting techniques, and how to identify and gather evidence pertaining to international current events.
The applicants will work in the U.S. Division under Executive Director Peter Koenigsbauer. This internship is a remote internship. However, applicants will be provided a WordPress account to use in order to post their articles and will keep in contact with Peter, who acts as a mentor and liaison between the Board of Director and interns. Students contact their Executive Director, who functions as their supervisor, over email. The Executive Director also tracks the progress of interns through their WordPress account and occasionally provides feedback on articles written. The internship also includes regular video calls that encourage the sharing of feedback, concerns, questions, etc.
About the Organization for World Peace Research division:
The Organization for World Peace Research (OWPR) documents and writes reports on various world issues that threaten world peace with a focus on issues that require international cooperation, arguing for peaceful, non-combative solutions to complex issues. In this regard, the OWPR seeks to reroute the general thinking that humanitarian crises requires armed military interventions, and move this way of thinking towards strategic problem solving. The OWPR conducts research on current events related to international armed conflict, civil war, as well as the military response from the international community. Published media typically involves data collected about civilian casualties, financial costs, the usage of underage combatants (child soldiers), and information regarding internally displaced people. The goal of our research is to spread awareness on the negative impact of war as well as the ineffectiveness of combative strategies in dealing with these issues.
Overview of duties:
• Collect information and data pertaining to international crises
• Conduct research on relevant data regarding crises (IDPS, civilian casualties, etc...)
• Conduct research on the role of international institution, governments, and militia groups who are involved in a given conflict to be included in the report
• Submit finished reports to the Chair of OWPR for publishing on the organization’s website
• One article per week (600-800 words), and one full-length report per month (1200-1400 words) for a total of twelve articles.
• Approximately 5 hours per week
• 12 week internship, with the ability to renew (should an intern complete twelve weeks without completing twelve articles, they are expected to continue the internship until they reach the twelve article benchmark).
Note: Interns can receive a Letter of Recommendation upon completion of first term.
Overview of requirements:
• Preference will be given to recent graduates and undergraduates currently enrolled in degree programs that involve journalism and communications, International Relations, political science, or any relevant field
• Work experience is not required for this position, training will be provided to successful candidates.
• Successful candidates must demonstrate the ability to conduct careful research regarding current events
• Understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods
• Excellent English language writing skills
• Ability to work independently
Learning outcomes:
• Foster research skills according to the specific requirements of the OWP
• Foster writing skills according to the standards of the OWP
• Establishment of a writing portfolio that can be viewed on the OWP website
• Ability to work independently, which is fostered by the remote nature of the internship
• Ability to report to a supervisor about progress as internship
Check with your internship coordinator BEFORE accepting to determine if this unpaid internship fits within the requirements of an academic internship.